Environment Policy


Velbon recognizes that conservation of the global environment is one of the important issues common to mankind,
and acts in consideration of environmental conservation in all aspects of corporate activities.


We consistently pursue improvements, such as saving energy and other resources,
reusing and recycling, and reducing all waste for corporate activities.

1.For the purpose of company’s compliance :
Velbon kindly requires to the end users or dealers in disable to use or regard as waste for abundance,
ask for the local waste recycle specialists or such a suitable service systems with thinking of environment.

2. Investigate and examine the environmental impact caused by business activities and take care to reduce
the environmental impact of production, distribution, use and disposal.

3.We will conduct environmental assessment at the design stage, strive to provide products and products
with less environmental impact.

4.We will review environmental conservation activities through internal audits, strive to maintain
and improve our management system.

5.We will document, practice, and maintain this policy.
We will educate employees about the policy to enhance their awareness of the need to safeguard the environment.