Chairman's Message

Kenichiro Nakatani
Chairman and CEO of Velbon Corporation

president01.jpgThe photograph industry has not experienced recessions in the past. However, this industry has not experienced prosperity, either. In recession, not all the companies could maintain steady growth although they did exporting. In the process that many companies had been suffering from recessions after the bursting of the bubble economy without recovery, there was a big change in this industry. Going digital had changed this industry completely. Furthermore, not limited to the photograph industry, companies were divided into the winners and the losers in any industries. While winners enjoy good results, many losers are still suffering from great difficulties. In such condition, Velbon survives difficult times with good results steadily without belonging to either category. In terms of development of products, Velbon continues to introduce new products ambitiously. Velbon introduced Mountain Chaser in 1995, Carmagne640 and QRA-635 in 1996, Ball heads made from magnesium in 1997, MAXi343E in 2001, ULTRA MAXi in 2002, ElCarmagne series in 2003, UC-5 in 2006, CUBE and ULTREK45L in 2010, etc. Velbon survives because of the unstoppable challenging attitude as new products. However, it should be considered that the results of highly motivated management can maintain only the result of previous year. Japanese economy is slow in terms of recovery after Lehman shock. But if Velbon could perform a part of leading forces, I am very happy. My role is to think about management to sally in cherishing happiness that we have now. My intention is to run this company in gung-ho spirit.